Thursday, August 27, 2009

Full Moon by Rachel Hawthorn

Lindsey Lancaster is a Dark Guardian. Well, almost. She acts as a camp guide in the park, and is looking forward to the full moon before her seventeenth birthday, when she will undergo her first transformation into a werewolf and be mated.

Her mate is going to be her best friend, Connor. She has been promised to him, and he to her by their families when they were just children, and all her life, she's looked forward to being with him forever. But there's a problem.

Lately, she's been feeling attracted to Rafe, and she's finding it confusing. Because she should want Connor, right? I mean, her whole life has been leading up to this and it should make her happy to be together forever with Conner. So why isn't she happy?

She finds herself unable to stay away from Rafe, to stop touching him, to stop wanting him. And when Mason is sighted again in the forest, along with the company that Dr. Keane actually worked for, Lindsey and Conner and Rafe and another incipent werewolf named Brittany are thrown together in an effort to stop the plot and to keep Dr. Keane from getting a real werewolf to study. But as the time ticks closer to the full moon, who will Lindsey choose: Rafe, or Conner? And will she be able to live with the results of her choice?

This was a definite contrast to the first book of the series. Lindsey appeared in that book as Kayla's friend, and seemed to have all her stuff together. But in reality, she wants something she doesn't and seemingly can't have: Rafe. And the story pretty much comes down to that: Which will she choose?

It also brings up the rather interesting information of how hard it is to hide anything from the nose of a werewolf. When Lindsey goes out kissing with Rafe, her friend Kayla, who has already changed, can smell him on her. While this was a small moment, it did a lot to bring a sense of reality, as well as being something different to the Dark Guardian society. I'm sure there is even more that a werewolf can sense in human form that humans miss, but this gave us an insight into that world.

I felt this book definitely was a worthy successor to Moonlight, and I am looking forward to reading the last book in the series, Dark of the Moon. Even if the story tends a little towards the light and fluffy, I still liked it, and I do recommend it as an antidote to Twlight and the like.

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