Sunday, December 30, 2007

Up and Running once again

Last year for Christmas, I got a new computer, a Macintosh Pro, with all the bells and whistles, Dual Processor 3 GB Ram, an Intel Processor and 750 GB hard disk space, the works. My old computer, a G4/450, was showing signs of its age. (Mainly in that Apple no longer supported it, despite the fact it was only 4 years old, a veritable Eon in computer years.)

Well, my new computer, for some reason, wouldn't run AOL. I was waiting for my friend, Anne Wells, to come over and help me fix it. Unfortunately, she passed away in the hospital last year on the operating table, and no one I know knows as much about fixing Macs as she did. So, I was left stuck, using my new computer to play games (Especially the Sims 2, which has a stranglehold on my body, mind and soul (just joking, but not by much!), but stuck using the old one for accessing anything online.

Well, this year, my mom has been sick and stuck in a wheelchair, so she hasn't been able to go out and buy me (or anyone else, for that matter) presents. So this year, I asked her for just one thing... A cable modem for my computer.

And the next thing I knew, I had it. AOL still doesn't want to run on my computer, but now I can get rid of my old computer and just have one computer on my desk. I am still looking to fix my AOL problem, but until it can be fixed, I still have the internet to access AOL and for IMs, I have AIM.

My old computer won't be going to waste, of course. My friend Jessa will be getting it soon via UPS. I keep all the padding that comes with my computers, so I still have the original box and packaging to send it in. I am also sending her my Kensington TurboMouse and two keyboards, although both are full of dust and cat hair (because, unbeknownst to me, my cat was sitting on them when she used to curl up in the box).

It's very nice, though, to be able to sit at my desk and look out the window without craning my neck to see. My cat is a little perturbed that her other favorite resting spot (my old computer) is gone, but she can deal. I have tomorrow off from work, and I am going to enjoy my non-cluttered, now full of space room. My only question is: How will I find time to read now that I can't read while I am waiting for stuff to download from the internet?

I'm sure I'll deal, too.