Friday, August 24, 2007

Feats of Cuteness, +18 to Make You go "Aw!"

Have you seen the really adorable sites out there lately? I've been trolling the web, and I found more than a few to make anyone laugh and go "Aw!".

First up is Cute Overload. Cute Overload boasts a load of completely awesome animal pictures, from Cats, dogs and rabbits to even stranger animals like Jerboas, Sloths and Beluga Whales. Sometimes, the pictures aren't even of animals, really, but are still incredibly adorable, such as an apple cozy knitted by someone and found in a picture on the web.

And the site isn't just pictures, either! Movies galore, mostly from YouTube, also enliven the site, along with links to more cute things. If the internet had one site for "Cute", Cute Overload would be it.

Another site is icanhascheezburger is a LOLcats site, and many of the pictures on Cute Overload end up here, along with a caption that makes them both ever cuter and incredibly funny, besides. I find myself constantly amazed at the many shots people take of their cats, and other animals, and the things those animals get up to! I had never seen a bunny with its tongue sticking out, but thanks to icanhascheezburger, now I can say I've seen it, on more than one bunny, besides.

The largest site for LOLCats, is, of course Although it's larger than icanhascheezburger, it's laid out more confusingly, and the pictures are presented as thumbnails, so it's harder to see them, and you have to click on them and wait for them to load. So, honestly, it's not as much fun as icanhascheezburger.