Friday, July 16, 2010

Fairy Tail Volume 6 by Hiro Mashima

Natsu and his friends are still on the accursed island, working to stop Lyon and his minions from awakening the Demon creature Deliora. Gray has told Lyon that he can't demolish the ice surrounding Deliora, as that is what remains of their teacher, Ur. But Lyon already knows this, and has stabbed Gray through the stomach, because he feels he knows better than Ur.

He maintains that the ice isn't Ur any longer, that nothing remains of her at all. But if and when Lyon and his crew manage to release Deliora from the ice imprisoning it, will the outcome be what they want it to be? Will Lyon be able to surpass the legacy of their teacher once and for all, or will he have to accept defeat?

And after dealing with Lyon and his gang, they still have to deal with what is really causing the villagers to transform into demon forms. But is it really the moon, and will destroying the moon end the curse?

Then, they have to go back to the guild and confess what they have done, and receive punishment for their crime. But by the time they get back, there are huge wooden rods poking out all over the guild, the size of tree trunks. The guild is under attack, but why and by whom?

It turns out that there is a "Shadow Guild" who wants to take the position of Fairy Tail's guild, since guilds are limited in number. But while Natsu wants to charge off and battle the other guilds right away, the Master of the Guild is more easy-going about it- until the shadow guild kidnaps and abuses three less powerful members of Fairy Tail. Then they may just get the war they were hoping for... but is Fairy Tail outmatched by the shadow guild?

It was nice to finally see the end of the cursed island saga. I enjoyed it at first, but honestly, it dragged on a bit too long for my taste. The storyline felt a bit padded and went on too long, but it was nice to see it coming to an end.

The ending was also a bit of a betrayal. Most of the problems with the village could have been ended quickly if the boatman had just confessed to Natsu, Lucy and Gray what was really going on about the villagers. But he waits until everything is revealed before coming out of hiding, which just seemed a jerk-ish move to me. Still, it was nice to finally see that storyline be over.

And then it starts on the next, and we get to see what really moves the Guildmaster of Fairy Tail. Destroy his guildhouse, call everyone names- no problem. But hurt members of his guild, and the gloves come off. That was nice to see, and now I am looking forward to reading the next story.

I enjoyed this volume. It's nice to see things being switched up and around every once in a while. But I enjoy seeing Natsu, Lucy and Gray doing stuff together, not so much the whole guild. And some of the stories go on a bit too long. Still, it's an entertaining series, and I enjoyed this volume. Recommended.

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