Monday, July 12, 2010

B.P.R.D. War on Frogs by Various

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense has been fighting the Frog-Demons of the ancients for a while now. But this book collects a number of tales from that war, tales that have never been told- until now.

The First chapter has Homonculus Roger sent to fight the two original frog-men from Cavendish Hall. Roger must fight off the two frog demons and kill them, but can he bring himself to destroy the beloved mementos of their former, human lives, and the body of their mother?

the second chapter involves Captain Benjamin Daimio, who goes to track down a plague of Frogs in Alabama and discovers a young girl with supposed healing abilities. But those "healing abilities" are actually a cover for the activities of Sadu-Hem. Once Sadu-Hem's energies have entered the one who needs healing, it quickly turns them into a Frog Demon. But when the source of the infection proves to be a ten year old girl, can Daimio bring himself to put an end to her permanently?

The third Chapter follows a group of military men working with the B.P.R.D. and their mission to find the Frog Demons lurking on a vessel. Most of them are anxious to test themselves out against the Frog-Demons, but how well will they actually stand up in combat?

Chapter Four follows Johann Kraus, who is leading the fight against a group of Frog Demons. But somehow, their spirits become attached to his ectoplasmic form, and they won't let him go until he leads them into their version of "Heaven". But will his own spirit be able to escape the Frog-Demons afterlife?

The last Chapter, Chapter Five, tells the story of Agent Ashley Strode, who feels sorry for Liz since she became sick. She tells her fellow agents of how she and Liz Sherman fought off a bunch of Frog Demons and became something close to friends as they worked together. And ends with a look at what Liz is seeing in her world right now.

This is a rather spooky and effective ending to the "War on Frogs" storyline, letting us see heroes who have died or turned into monsters, (Roger and Benjamin Daimio, respectively) during the course of the war, and bringing them back for one final hurrah.

Each chapter stands on its own as an effective story. My favorite happened to be the last Chapter, with Liz Sherman and Ashley Strode, as it underscores the fact that bad things don't only happen to the footsoldiers and also-rans. The main and important characters pay a toll in their lives to take care of these threats- and Liz has paid a high price indeed.

This graphic novel is a must-read for anyone who has enjoyed the entire War on Frogs arc and wants to read more. It brings back what may be some fans favorite characters for a few additional moments of heroism and presents some really effective and horrifying stories. Highly recommended.

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