Friday, January 15, 2010

Batman: The Cat and the Bat by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire

Barbara Gordon is trying to decipher one of Batman's notebooks when it is stolen right out of her library by Catwoman. Barbara changes into Batwoman to track down the thief, and the chase is on!

After an exchange of fisticuffs with Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Catwoman wins, but Batgirl isn't willinbg to let her go so easily. She tracks Catwoman to a meeting of the Gotham Hedonist Society, and they only agree to let her in if her body is completely uncovered. Barabara has never done anything like this, but she's not giving up, either, and after another altercation with Catwoman (who is meeting with a Russian named Stanislaus), she gets back the notebook and leaves with it.

But not so fast... Catwoman has her own reasons for wanting the notebook, and she's not about to let it get away from her, and she tracks down Batwoman again, and they have another set-to in the midst of a junkyard. But when Batgirl accuses Selina of wanting the notebook for money, Selina responds, angrily, that she needs it to save someone's life.

So when someone starts shooting and nails Selina in the shoulder, Barbara knows that she is telling the truth. So when she realizes that Selina is fighting the Russian Mob to save a friend of hers, she and Catwoman must team up to save the girl, and keep the notebook from falling into the wrong hands- permanently. But can there ever be enough trust between Barbara and Selina to get them to view each other as anything but opponents? And will it be up to Batman to pull both their fat out of the fire when they get too far in?

I liked this book a lot. Okay, yeah, it's filled with fanservice, but mostly Barbara Gordon and Selina Kyle kick ass and take names. Any comic book with either one of them would be great. Together? Complete awesome sauce with a side of Great. They not only take on the Russian mob, but several of Batman's Rogues Gallery.

On the other hand, there is an incredible amount of Fanservice. Most women would probably say too much. Both characters end up with costumes shredded to hell and back, and both end up in a party where everything but their faces are on display. And I do mean... everything. (Carefully drawn to edit out anything really naughty or adult, of course! Even if it doesn't have the CCA label on it.)

It's not terribly bad, but while fanboys might like it for all the skin on display, I think most female fans are going to feel quite differently. The story is good, but the art shoots itself in the foot by ensuring that the story is barely memorable against all that skin. Not reommended.

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