Sunday, June 01, 2008

Megatokyo, Volume 5 by Fred Gallagher

Kimiko's chastising of the radio host and fellow voice actor on air gathers her an obsessed following of Otaku who begin to invade her life. First with taking rude pictures of her and posting them on the internet for everyone to see, and next by invading her job at Anna Miller's, tripping her and getting more upskirt pictures. She tries to deal with this by being cheerful, but beneath the mask of her cheer, she slowly starts to crack as the implications of her growing fame start piling up.

Hayasaka Erica reveals more of her former disfunctional relationship with her fianceƩ. She says she had gotten pregnant, but didn't realize it until she catastrophically lost the child. When she did so, her boyfriend told her that his own brother and sister-in-law disapproved of her, saying she wasn't the kind of woman they felt should be around their children, which led to her thinking that her fianceƩ had lied to them in what he told them about her.

Ping, the Sega accessory, is still being tracked for termination by Sega employee Ed. Ed, however, has been foiled by Ping so many times that now he's out for blood, even if Ping, being a PlayStation accessory, doesn't really have blood. He does want to see her destroyed more personally now, to a degree that would probably disturb his bosses.

Largo, meanwhile, was fired from his job with Tokyo security after maxxing out his "no-limit" credit card and being unable to control the mob of fanboys after Hayasaka Erika outside Megagamers, but continues to teach "English" at High School. Erika remains interested in Largo, but he remains more interested in computer games, beer and fighting "teh evil".

Piro and Kimiko spend the night together... sleeping on cardboard boxes upstairs at Megagamers. Of course, nothing actually happens, but he was attempting to help and support Kimiko, so this may deepen their relationship, such as it is.

Another enjoyable volume, but still not buy-worthy for me. I'll continue to read, but it's not a high priority for me.

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