Friday, June 20, 2008

Aventura, Volume 2 by Shin Midorikawa

Lewin Randit is a swordsman in a great school that teaches both wizards and swordsmen. He wanted to be a wizard, but didn't have enough magical power, so he entered as a swordsman instead. However, when he breaks into the wizard's side of the school, he is befriended by two apprentice wizards, Thies Cottonberg, an elf and Darwell, a human. Though forbidden to mingle, the three become friends.

Thies and Darwell are sent to test their fire powers on a bunch of skeletons, but are nearly killed by the regenerating creatures until Lewin appears to defend them with his sword. When all seems lost, Lewin summons a fire spirit that lives in his blade, and manages to summon Flare, the most powerful fire spirit of all, by asking for its help to save his friends. Lewin saves them and manages to befriend Flare, but his antics get him expelled from the swordsmen's school.

Thies and Darwell decide to go to Lewin's aid when he is summoned to see the headmaster. He is afraid as well, but he is told he isn't being thrown out of the school- they can't let someone with that much magical power run around without that supervision. Instead, he's getting his wish... he's being transferred to the wizard school, where he can hopefully learn to control his power.

But all is not well at the school. Someone has been trying to steal a magical stone that the headmistress has in her charge. Who could be trying to steal it? It's someone with a great deal of magical power...

I had a hard time reading this manga, which looks like it was drawn by pencil and not cleaned up after with ink lines. This makes the entire manga look almost "fluffy" and hard to read. The character designs are, along with the unique art style, drawn in a ultra-kawaii style complete with occasional SD (superdeformed) or Chibi-style older characters in addition to Lewin and his friends, who are all Chibi-style to begin with.

I can't say I like the series all that much, but I will read it if there is nothing else to read, as it was in this case, and if I get it from the library, as again was the case. I can't recommend it much, either, as there seems to be just as much fluff in the storyline as in the art. But it's not really humor and not really drama, either. All I know is that nothing really sells the series to me.

If what I have described is something that interests you, go for it, otherwise, you'll be completely justified in giving this one a miss.

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