Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Knights of the Silver Dragon #11 Mystery of the Wizard's Tomb by Rachel Plummer

It is Zendric's birthday, and Kellach and Driskoll, along with their friend Moyra, have gone to the Wizard's cemetery to search for a Wizard's Stone, which glows when a wizard touches it.

Of course, it's not every day that the town of Curston gets to celebrate the birthday of the town wizard, so there is a big celebration planned for Zendric's birthday. Royma, Moyra's mother, has even been paid to bake a tremendous cake for the celebration. Moyra isn't exactly looking forward to it, because her mother is a rather indifferent baker (aka she stinks). But when the cake arrives, even Moyra is impressed with the job her mother did. And the cake is wonderful. Perfect... except that after taking a bite, Zendric forgets everything, including his name and all his spells. And since the power of one's spells define who you are as a wizard, somehow the cake has rendered him powerless!

Needless to say, this throws the citizens of town for quite a loop. Zendric is the ultimate protector of the town, and if he has suddenly gone powerless, the town is doomed, as Kellach is too young and doesn't know anywhere near what Zendric knows in the way of spells to take over his place. And the merchants of the town are angry at having to shut down for a day for the birthday in the first place.

Besides Royma's cake, the Knights have one other lead in what might have happened to Zendric's memory. A mysterious girl dressed in red and black who showed up at Zendric's birthday feast. But who is this girl and what does she have to do with Zendric's missing memory? Could the secret be hiding in the wizard's graveyard, along with the girl? To get back Zendric's memory, the Knights may have to overcome the worst evil in the world, a lich! But how can they do this without the wisdom of their mentor, Zendric?

A most enjoyable adventure for the Knights. Unlike some adventure stories for kids, the readers are given all the information they need to solve the mystery along with the Knights, and the characters are portrayed as having normal kid abilities rather than superhuman reasoning or supernatural luck. For kids who enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, this series of books will provide them with lots of wonderful ideas and stories for their own adventures.

I highly recommend this series for kids and parents alike. There's lots to enjoy here, and no inappropriate ideas or materials to make parents nervous.

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