Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Knights of the Silver Dragon #10 Curse of the Lost Grove by Denise R. Graham

Zendric, Moyra, Kellach and Driskoll travel to the town of ValSages so Zendric can attend a wizard's conclave. While Zendric is meeting with his fellow wizards, the kids will be staying at the Inn of the Lost Grove, owned by Zendric's old friend Quiglye.

But the Inn is having severe problems keeping customers and workers. Entire teams of workers have been lost as they struggled to construct the Inn, and treats prepared by the Inn's chef keep going missing. Being the youngest patrons in the place, the three Knights are accused of the thefts and problems by the Inn's security staff, and must seek to clear their own names and reputations. Their only clue is the last remaining worker who didn't somehow disappear with the others, who happens to be deaf. Could his deafness have saved him from whatever made the other workers disappear?

As well, there is a thief operating at the Inn. and not only the Knights get the blame for his or her actions, but Kellach's clockwork dragon familliar, Lochinvar or Locky. Now they must not only save themselves and the other workers from the problems at the Inn, but Locky as well!

This was a very enjoyable book, for both the situations presented in the story, and the characters introduced. Most amusing is the fate of the Inn and the thief who the Knights catch, a fate that amuses the fey who have been causing most of the troubles in the book from the beginning. The eventual end of the story is a triumph that manages to be humorous and entertaining as well as a fantastic adventure. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this adventure, a worthy successor to the "Knights of the Silver Dragon" line.

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