Friday, March 28, 2008

Traitor in Williamsburg- A Felicity Mystery

Felicity is an American Girl who lives in Williamsberg Virginia in 1776. Her father is a patriot and a shopkeeper. She is friends with a girl named Elizabeth Cole, and another girl, Fiona McLeod. But when Fiona's father is slandered by being accused of being a loyalist, it's a serious thing, especially when the local Committee of Safety gets involved and wants to try Mr. McLeod in front of it.

When the McLeods are nearly burned out of their home and shop, they are forced to flee, but now the broadsides go after Felicity's father, instead. Felicity and Elizabeth attempt to find who is behind the broadsides, the person who calls himself "Mr. Puller", but have little success.

Felicity's father makes a trip out of town, and as soon as he gets back, he is arrested by Safety Committee on charges of dealing with the British. Now it is up to Felicity to find the man behind the charges and find the evidence that will free her father. But can she do it in time?

This little mystery is short but sweet, with plenty of red herrings and leads that lead nowhere for readers to follow, from a former suitor for her mother's hand newly moved to Williamsburg, to some of her father's fellow shopkeepers. But Felicity never does anything too fantastic to be believed or something she couldn't have accomplished for a girl of her time and place. A thoroughly enjoyable book with nothing objectionable and an engaging mystery. Bonus historical facts pages in the back that flesh out the story a little, explaining why the Committees of Safety existed, and how they became so powerful.

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