Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jane's Guide to Dicks (and Toms and Harrys) by Ross and Kathryn Petras

Once upon a time, Jane was a sad girl who knew nothing about Dicks. Or any other boys, either. All she wanted was a boy of her own. But she had to learn a lot of lessons about boys, and about getting along with them, before she could land one of her own.

But Jane learned her lesson, and now she's come to teach you the lessons she had to learn so that you can win a Dick, Tom or Harry of your very own!

The first thing you have to learn is that boys are simple. While girls can be very mentally and emotionally complex, boys think less about emotions than about things. This can be something concrete, like cars, or more abstract, like baseball statistice. They also don't deal with emotions. If you watch a movie about a romance between a jet pilot and a nurse. While you are thinking happily about their relationship and what it means (and how it might be like your own relationship), your boy will be thinking of the nurse's attributes, the fast jet, and the fighting scenes. This will make him equally as happy as you are, but it's not really in the same realm.

Jane will show you how to grab a boy's attention, and then keep it, and make it result in the desired action for you (asking you out on a date as opposed to just staring at you longingly from afar). She also shows you how to manage your expectations and keep the relationship spiced up so that neither of you end up bored and looking elsewhere.

With Jane's super-secret hints and tips, you can not only snag a hot hunk of your very own, but keep him and ensure that both of you are happy. And even if you think there is nobody out there for you, or that you have to kiss a million frogs to find your Prince, be assured that you will find the man of your dreams.

This short, amusing book, purports to be written by a grown-up Jane from the old "Dick and Jane" books, and while the advice is written in an amusing way, it does have some very, very good points to make. Like, not drinking a lot when you are out on a date, and spending less time talking about you than about him, looking in unusual places to meet a man (go somewhere guys hang out, but not a bar where there is too much competition, or at work, where such things are generally looked down on), snd even what men look for in a woman.

While many of the "Hints" are tongue in cheek, and are illustrated with 50's era illustrations, some of them are very spot-on. All of them are very amusing. But it's much better at amusing than at being taken seriously. Still, sometimes you need a laugh when trying to find a good date has got you down.

This is the perfect bite. Not long enough to be boring, and filled with plenty of amusing pictures and advice. It makes you laugh at the whole idea of dating and how to meet a man, and may even help you lose your fear over talking to a man. Recommended for a good laugh and some cute advice.

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