Friday, April 08, 2011

All U Can Eat by Emma Holly

Frankie Smith is a small-town girl who has it all- a wonderful boyfriend, a model, who she is thinking about marrying, a successful diner which she owns and runs, and she is generally happy with her entire life. Until her boyfriend leaves her for another woman, sending her into a bit of a tailspin. Especially when she realizes that he's leaving her for another woman- who he got pregnant.

But business won't wait for her to mourn the life she thought she had, and now the chief of Police, who has been long attracted to her, suddenly decides that he might now have a chance with Frankie- only he doesn't just want to be her rebound lover.

But when Frankie's wealthy friend, Tish Whittier, is murdered in the alley behind her diner, the All U Can Eat, both Frankie and her new cook, Mike, a recent returnee from Iraq who used to be a troubled kid, are the first suspects in her murder. After all, why was Tish's body in the alley behind the diner?

But Tish, who was a kind, wealthy, generous woman, had secrets about everyone in town, and with her death, those secrets are suddenly breaking out into the open, implicating everyone in a complicated web of sex, lies and murder. As the passions of the small town suddenly break out into the open, Frankie and Chief Jack West will have to unravel the tangled web and discover who really killed Tish before they can enjoy a happy ending of their own.

This book may be classed as a romance, but in actual fact, it's probably much closer to erotica than anything else. Emma Holly, when she isn't writing her vampire/shapechanger romance stories, also wrote a bunch of erotica books featuring, well, let's just say one of the titles was "Menage" and another featured a female dominatrix, while another involved the sub/dom scene.

This book isn't quite that into the "out there" sex, but Frankie isn't exactly celibate while she waits for Mr. Right to come along. In fact, she has sex an awful lot in this book. But it's not just her- everyone has sex an awful lot in this book, and the sex is very well, not to mention hotly, described. It should come as no surprise that most of the secrets in the town are sexual in nature, and that more is going on behind the scenes, and in the bedrooms, kitchens and livingrooms, not to mention one very specific dungeon, than anyone ever suspected.

If you enjoy the hottest of hot romance novels, this is definitely a book you are going to want to read. Especially if you like happy endings. In fact, people who enjoy Nora Roberts' Eve Dallas books would probably enjoy this one as well, although Frankie and her friends have a much higher sex drive than Eve or Peabody. Regardless, the story is wonderful and so is the mystery, the sex is hotter than hot, and the happy ending feels very satisfying. Highly recommended.

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