Sunday, November 21, 2010

"I'd Just as Soon Kiss a Wookie": The Quotable Star Wars Compiled by Steven J. Sansweet

Everyone who has seen Star Wars knows it has some of the most quotable, and most quoted lines ever. This book is lines from the first trilogy, enlivened by pictures and separated out by characters speaking and spoken about, from Han Solo to the Droids and covering most of the major characters from the series and even the minor characters like Lando Calrissian

Despite the large number of quotes, this is a very short book. In truth, its not really a book at all, but is more the size of those little pamphlets of bible quotes handed out by the Jehovah's Witnesses. But even so, it's really packed with the best quotes from the first trilogy and some really good pictures as well.

Because of its size this is a very light read, but it does make a good companion for the "Lines from the Star Wars movies that can be made better by changing one word to 'Pants'" list you can see on the internet. Or just for nostalgically remembering the best lines from the movies all over again. This tiny book makes a good present to a similarly Science Fiction-obsessed friend so the two of you can argue over which line was the best, or as a fairly cheap buy to add to your SW swag.

Light (very light) and tiny (Yes, very tiny, too), this book won't keep you satisfied for very long. It's like the Chinese food version of books, and while it's short and cute, it's also not very satisfying. recommended only if you are obsessed with Star Wars, even then, it won't truly satisfy.

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