Sunday, November 01, 2009

Vampire Kisses 3: Vampireville by Ellen Schreiber

Goth girl extraordinaire Raven has found love with Alexander Stirling, a real vampire who moved to town and proceeded to rock her world. But Alexander didn't come alone. He was followed to American by Jaeger, a fellow vampire of a different family who was angry at Alexander for not marrying his sister, Luna.

Luna was born a human, and Alexander was supposed to bring her over and make her a vampire, joining their families forever, but since he shared no real connection with Luna, he thought it was better to let her be and find someone he could love. But Jaeger couldn't forgive Alexander, and came to find him with the thought of taking away whatever Alexander loved in return. That meant Raven. He wanted to turn Raven in a graveyard, because that meant they'd be joined forever, but Raven made him think that Alexander had bitten her.

Now, Jaeger has been joined by Luna, his sister. And she's fixated on the single worst person to turn into a vampire: Raven's longtime nemesis, Trevor. And Trevor, despite having accused Alexander and his family of being real vampires, has no idea of what he's really getting into when he starts going out with Luna.

Raven knows that if Trevor gets turned into a vampire, no one in town is safe. Because of Trevor's bullying characteristics, she thinks he'd take them out on the other kids. She and Alexander search the town to see where Luna and Jaeger are hiding their coffins. They find evidence to make them believe that he's hiding out in an old factory, and they find a garage door controller. But whose garage does it open?

Raven assumes that Luna is like her brother, a ravening, bloodthirsty, angry vampire, but when Luna tries to go after her to warn her away from Trevor, unexpectedly, she and Luna connect over both being the outcasts of their families. Luna believes, like Jaeger, that Raven is truly a vampire, and she asks Raven how it felt to become a vampire. Raven manages to bluff her, but she feels like she and Luna could actually be friends... if they were both vampires. She also reveals that Jaeger has long wanted to play soccer, which is big in Europe where they both came from.

But Raven finds out that they plan to turn Trevor in a massive party they are throwing in the graveyard- and she's not invited. But both Raven and Alexander are certain that this is where Luna and Jaeger are going to turn Trevor into a vampire, and pair him with Luna for all time. Raven understands Luna's wish to have a love that lasts forever, but who does she really want? Trevor, or Alexander? Because Raven will get only one chance to stop them...

I enjoyed this book, the third in the series. Raven is an outcast, but even though she holds most of the people in the town in contempt, the same as they hold her, she doesn't want to unleash Trevor on the town as a vampire- or on her family. She's the one who wants to be the vampire, but she and Alexander, though they are in love, don't exactly see eye to eye on the issue. Raven wants to be a vampire, but Alexander would rather be human.

They are both trying to live life vicariously through each other, and, well, it's only working because they really do love each other. But it seems that Raven is always barking her shins against what vampires are really like, and because Alexander doesn't want to talk about it, she'll continue making missteps when encountering Vampire culture. In fact, the readers are as much in the dark about that as Raven is.

I want Raven and Alexander to have some sort of happy ending, but I am also afraid that there are a lot of obstacles in the way of them really being together. Alexander seems like a nice guy, but there is so much he's not telling her. Do vampires age? Born vampires seem to. But what about made vampires? Is Raven going to get old while Alexander ages very slowly? I'm interested in learning more, but its doled out in pipette drops compared to the cauldron we want to know. I fear for the relationship between the two. But I'll keep on reading, and hope there's an ending that's happy for both of them. Recommended.

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