Monday, April 21, 2008

Eye of Heaven by Marjorie M. Liu

Blue Perrineau works as a detective for the agency of Dirk and Steele. It's a most unusual agency with extremely... unusual operatives. How unusual? Blue is an electrokinetic, able to manipulate electricity with his mind. He can disable cell phones, destroy computers, shut off whole cities... or a man's heart. He is in Indonesia, tracking down a man who has been snatching women and children off the streets, harvesting their organs, and disposing of the remains. Now, Blue has a lead on him. But he is confronted by a woman who calls him by name and tells him to back off, then explodes a bomb on him.

When he recovers, he finds his colleagues at Dirk and Steele have saved his life. Elena, wife of an operative named Alexi, has healed Blue of the worst of his injuries. But something else has happened. Blue's father, a senator named Felix Perrineau, has died. When Blue travels to the funeral, he finds his father isn't dead after all, but has faked his death. And he has a job for Blue, one that he doesn't hesitate at blackmailing Blue into taking by threatening Blue's mother.

Blue hates his father, who is intelligent, ruthless and a master-class manipulator, but he agrees to find his father's other son, Blue's half-brother Daniel. Daniel also had a touchy relationship with his father, and now has gone missing. Felix has tried everything to find Daniel with no success. So he gives Blue the job.

Iris McGillis is a performer in a Las Vegas-based circus, currently working for the Hotel Maximus. Like Blue, Iris is not strictly human, but a werelioness who must hide what she is every single day. She has a number of big cats who perform in her act, but they are not mistreated. Unfortunately, the animal-rights activists don't see it that way and are constantly trying to "free" her cats. Lately, it has gotten much, much worse.

Into Iris' life comes walking Blue, and despite her habit of never trusting anyone, she begins trusting him when he saves her life. As she and Blue are thrown together by a series of attacks on her and the circus she works for, Iris begins to fall in love with Blue, who is there because Daniel is also in the circus, working as an escape artist. But the feelings and sexual tension between them are real and too strong to be dismissed.

As Blue slowly falls for Iris, he must drop everything to rescue her when she is kidnapped by an ardent admirer who wants to own her and completely possess her... and he knows exactly what Blue is and wants her to turn him into a Werelion as well. Now, to save the woman he loves, Blue must team up with his half-brother and Iris's recently returned mother to rescue her before she can be experimented on or be forcibly impregnated by her captor. But Blue is running against almost impossible odds. Can he save her? Can he even save himself?

I have enjoyed past Dirk and Steele books from Marjorie M. Liu and first encountered her as the writer of a series of books called the "Tigress" series. I have enjoyed every single book she has written and haven't found her to write a single bad novel yet. "Eye of Heaven" is no exception. Indeed, I was readily drawn in to both the characters and the situations in the novel, and the scenes with Iris and Blue have a steady heat that makes you want to wipe your forehead while you read. Their few love scenes are delicious and satisfying, though they are few because of the personal danger all of the characters end up facing.

This book is excellent and I highly recommend it. In the world of Paranormal Romance, Marjorie M. Liu is one of the best. Look out for her, you'll be glad you did!

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